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This page will be the main hub for all the latest info about OBX-WIND.


OBX-WIND 2023 Dates Announced

October 28 - November 4th, 2023

These dates were chosen in coordination with the PWA and FTP as to minimize the chances of overlapping events with the major world tours.

OBX-WIND 2023 Online Registration will open later this spring. 

Event Organizers for 2023:


Gold Sponsors for 2023:



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Full 2022 Race Results are online!  Race Results

BIG THANK YOU to all the racers, organizers and everyone involved.  What an incredible week!!!!!






What to expect for OBX-WIND:
  You can not race without checking in, getting your race shirt (and goodies) and being assigned your race number.  For 2022 racers will display their sail numbers on their sails.  If you already have a USWA or international sail # or registered an "OBX-???" number last year, you may use that number for the race.  If you don't have a sail number registered, you will be assigned a sail number when you receive your registration confirmation via email from Mike Burns.  The racer is responsible for putting the number on the sails using their own tape or numbers. NUMBERS MUST BE AFFIXED TO The STARBOARD SIDE OF THE SAIL. (Starboard = Right hand in front)  
- All racing will take place behind OceanAir Sports in Avon, NC.
- We plan to race in conditions that we see fit to hold the races.  There's no specific limit on the wind range, but we want to make sure that everyone will get planing while keeping it as safe as possible for the racers.  We'll be choosing the best forecasted day of the week for the long distance races.  Wind speeds for race days should be somewhere between 18 and 30 mph assuming we have a day that meets those conditions.  
- There are some unavoidable shallow areas along the race course.  Be sure not to choose too long of a fin.  It would be wise to test the waters ahead of time.
-The air temps could be anywhere between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Check the forecast and make sure you have a suit that will keep you warm.
- Hatteras Realty has the largest selections of vacation homes in the area.  It's a great place to check to see what homes are still available near the event.