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2022 OBX-WIND Long Distance Registration

2022 OBX-WIND Long Distance Registration

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Which long distance category is for you?

Men's Open - Any type board, any sized sail

Men's limited - No slalom boards, no sails over 6.5.  (You may use up to and including a 6.5 meter sail)

Women's OpenAny type board, any sized sail

Women's 6.0 LimitedNo slalom boards, no sails over 6.0.  (You may use up to and including a 6.0 meter sail)

Starboard Windsurfer LT -  Must compete on Windsurfer LT Board and Windsurfer LT Sail.

Junior's - Boys & Girls 17 and under

Registration must be made online prior to race week.  The OBX-WIND long distance race is $75.00.

There will be no On-site registration at Ocean Air Sports.  Saturday and Sunday will be for check in for registered racers only.   There will be a maximum number of 300 racers for OBX-WIND 2022 so be sure to register online early to hold your place and to let us better plan for the enormous task of hosting and running OBX-WIND. 

Choose the class you'd like to enter from the dropdown menu above to add them to your cart.  If you'd like to race in both the signature Long Distance Race AND Slalom you need to add both registrations to your cart. Click here to purchase entry for the Slalom races.

 The Long Distance registration fee also includes one free raffle ticket that you will receive when you check in on Sunday at OceanAir Sports.  If you'd like to pre-purchase extra raffle tickets ahead of time, you can purchase them here.  We need the raffle ticket support to be able to continue this incredible event.


Mike Burns will send you an email after you register to confirm your racing number and give you some instructions relative to the event.  Give him some time...  He has a full time job managing both Severne and Starboard Windsurfing for North America outside of the event :-)