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Duotone Wam D/Lab Kiteboard

2024 Duotone Wam D/Lab

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 2024 Duotone Wam D/Lab

     The 2024 Duotone Wam D/LAB is our high-performance all-rounder and features the most technologically advanced kite-surfboard construction available on the market today. The shape is at the cutting edge of kite surfing; the goal was to make the best board possible that could handle the widest range of conditions. With its curvy rocker and outline and high-performance rails, the Wam D/LAB is designed for radical top to bottom surfing in everything from small onshore waves to pumping down-the-line surf. The Wam D/LAB is the go-to high-performance shape for our team riders competing on the GKA world tour because of its fast, lively, and agile feel, it offers a dynamic and exciting ride no matter the conditions. If you want the ultimate kitesurf board for every session this season, the Wam D/LAB is it!

Duotone Wam Dlab