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Doutone Voke SLS Kiteboard

2024 Duotone Voke SLS

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2024 Duotone Voke SLS!  The mastermind behind the Voke SLS, Airton Cozzolino, brought this concept to life working with legendary shaper Sky Solbach. The result is a dedicated strapless freestyle board ready to push the limits of strapless freestyle & big air. The fast rocker and relatively parallel outline make it incredibly fast and stable, and the powerful wide tail provides the perfect springboard for explosive pop. A nearly symmetrical outline shape is ideal for spins, and the deep bottom channels allow the Voke to split the water for fast, controlled landings. If you’ve watched any of the videos of Airton Cozzolino or James Carew riding, you will know how capable this board is. Whether you're learning those first strapless moves or you’re a world tour champion, the Voke SLS is your weapon of choice.

Duotone Voke SLS