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Duotone Gambler Kite Board

2024 Duotone Gambler

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For many years the Duotone Gambler was the kite board of choice for park riders; the durability combined with the unique rocker line and shape made it well-suited for riding features. For 2024 the design team looked to redesign the board and make it even more dedicated to park riding. The new Mono Concave Tips help the board lock onto rode features such as pipes and rails. These give you even more control, allowing you to concentrate on the riding and tweaking your tricks rather than constantly battling to stay in place. The Grind Base has been proven year after year to add longevity to a board built to be abused. The inline sliders for your boots allow infinite stance adjustment but also give you the option to flip the board around. If your heel edge is becoming worn, just flip it and give it a rest while you go to work on the new heel edge. This effectively doubles the life of your board. The bottom shape has also been optimised for riding ramps and sliders, ensuring you get lots of speed without ever getting hung up. If hitting the park is the focus of your riding, the Gambler is the perfect choice for you; all new for 2024 and built from the ground up for features; it just needs to add you.  

Duotone Gambler Kiteboard