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2022 duotone pace kite foil board

2022 Duotone Foilboard Pace

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Duotone's Pace 2022 is built in a completely new way using a precise molding technique, built to last and nearly unbreakable. It's four-way track mount makes it easy and fast to connect to the mast. Its all-round freeride shape is forgiving and offers some extra volume for when it's needed to get going and also when the wind is superlight. The high nose rocker and the big surface area avoid unnecessary nose dives and add to the easiness of use of the Pace. The Pace range is very versatile, offering smaller pocket style boards and also larger cruiser models, making it easy to find the right size for your preferred riding style and rider level. Flying upwind is of course one of the prime disciplines of the Pace, with optimized rails making incredible leaning angles possible. Multiple footstrap options are making it easy to find exactly the right positioning for your personal preferences. Built to stand the test of time this precision molding Pace construction is a guarantee for easiness of use, plenty of control and speed!