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Severne Dyno 3

Severne Dyno 3

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The new Severne Dyno was upgraded for 2021!  Besides the hot new graphics, the main changes in the Dyno were to the nose shape and entry angle.  The redesigned nose shape and raised entry gives the new Dyno even more capabilities in the waves without sacrificing the top end speed and incredible bump and jump performance that the Dyno has become famous for.   The incredibly successful fast rocker line and bottom shape remains intact for 2021.  If you've heard about how loved the Dyno V2 was, just wait until you try out the newest version!

New for the Dyno V3 is also the addition of a 125 liter version.  It's the perfect high performance shortboard for heavy weights and for those newer to short boards to progress on.  

Severne Dyno V3 PRE-ORDER  ****Due to incredibly high demand and short supply for many Severne Boards, we've added an additional  "pre-order" option when ordering a Severne Board on our site.  When the board is out of stock you can still purchase a "pre-order" board. That means we will order a board specifically for you, direct from Severne's factory.   When it arrives, we can either ship it to you for free or hold it for you at the shop until you can pick it up.   The turn around time on a pre-order board is about 120 days unless another board arrives sooner. ****