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Severne Alien Windsurf Foil Board

Severne Alien

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The Severne Alien is a pure windsurf foil machine!  It's designed to be easy to ride, fun with smaller sails and large freeride sails and to simply get you more time smiling on the water.   Combined with the Severne Redwing foil, you have a very well put together and light weight foil kit.  Everything about the board, from footstrap position and mast track placement were thought about and properly designed.  The Foil box is our personal favorite mounting system for its ease of use and durability.  No guesswork needed on where to put the foil.  

Note: The Alien 120 and 145 are constructed using a classic mould technique used by other brands and not Severne's own Custom compression mould / hand-finished technique which is reflected in the price difference between sizes.  Regardless, the boards are all very well built and light weight.