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Ocean Air Windfest


The First Annual Ocean Air Windfest will be held during the week of:

October 26th to November 2nd 2019.

This page is where you'll find all the latest information.



 High Wind Results below.  If you see an error with your name or sail number, give Ken a buzz or text:  (443) 895-2030






What's going on this week?

***Demo gear at Ocean Air free to try out for all those that sign up.  Find your new favorite board or sail and go rip it up behind the shop!***

$20.00 covers all wind related events for the week.

Register & pay on site at Ocean Air Sports on Sunday 10/27/19 

Week of 10/26-11/2

Saturday 10/26 -  Warm up / meet and great day.   Hang out and sail at Ocean Air Sports.

Sunday 10/27Skippers Meeting @ Ocean Air 10:30 AM followed by on site registration. 

                        - Swap Meet in OAS parking lot.  

Monday - High wind slalom!  Skipper's meeting at 10:00 am for those who are competing in slalom.  First race start at 11:00am.

 Tuesday -  Light Wind Race.  Skipper's meeting at 10:00 am at the shop for those competing in light wind.

Wednesday- Foil demo day at The Hole rescheduled for Thurs.

Thursday-  Foil demo in the morning at the Hole.   Freestyle session in the afternoon also at the Hole.

Friday  - Freestyle.  Awards Party at Ocean Air.

Saturday / Sunday 11/2-11/3 - Windsurf at Ocean Air Sports!


How does the racing work? 

     The O.A.S. Windfest racing is for everyone!  Beginner to pro and everyone in between.  We want people to meet other windsurfers through some friendly racing with a fleet full of smiles and laughs on the water.  We'll have one day of light wind racing and another day of high wind racing.  When you check in, you'll choose the racing class that suits you best.

The light wind day will be a non-planing day.  Boards of choice will be SUPs and longboards.  It will be a shorter course with an upwind and downwind leg/s with multiple races. We're looking for less than 10mph winds for light wind racing.

The high wind race will be either a slalom course or a modified slalom course with an upwind leg and tack to the first mark depending on the number of racers.  We'll do multiple high wind races as well.

Freestyle will be an everyone goes at once, long duration expression session.  Both the men and women will sail together but will be scored separately.  We'll decide on the duration depending on the conditions for the day.  Most likely a 30 minute session to just get everyone to really go for it!  The winners will be the ones landing the biggest, most difficult tricks so make those moves memorable for the judges.

Awards will be given in each class (see below). You'll be in the same class for the full event so choose your gear wisely :-)

Scoring:  The racers are responsible for having their race number on the Starboard Side of the sail!   Either use duct tape or have some custom number made.  You may use your USWA sail number, OBX-??? sail number or any number of your choice as long as it already isn't in use for this race.  For each race, the racer will be given a score based on their finish.  1st place will get .7 points, second place will get 2 points, 3rd place will 3 points, etc.  After the racing is finished, we add up the scores and the person with the lowest score wins.  



What racing class should I enter?

Men's Open Class:  

- Any board type.  

-Any sail size (NO foils, it's not deep enough)

Men's Limited:

-No sails over 6.5 (not even 6.6),

-No long boards

-No foils

-No boards with center fins

-No daggerboards

-No race SUP boards (Wave type SUP boards are ok)

-No slalom boards 

Women's Open Class:  

- Any board type.  

-Any sail size (NO foils, it's not deep enough)

Women's Limited:

-No sails over 6.0 (not even 6.1)

-No long boards

-No foils 

-No boards with center fins

-No daggerboards

-No race shaped SUP boards (wave type SUPs are ok)

-No slalom boards 

Freestyle Men

-No women

-Any gear  

Freestyle Women

 -No men 

-Any gear