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East Coast Windsurfing Festival: Cape Hatteras


What is the ECWF?

      The first annual East Coast Windsurfing Festival: Cape Hatteras will be held at OceanAir Sports in Avon, NC from October 20th to 27th.  We'll have some fun racing, and doing freestyle!  This is an event for everyone!  If you've never been to an ECWF event, it's all about fun and getting EVERYONE on the water.  We'll have a few days of action during the week in all sorts of wind conditions.  One day of Freestyle and two days of racing.   One of the racing days will be light wind racing and the other day will be high wind racing.  If you've never "raced" in light wind with your friends, it's just a hoot!  Very low stress and the winner on the light wind days just might be the one with the most obnoxious shouts at his/her friends around the course.   To register and pay for your $20.00  entry for the first annual 2018 ECWF: Cape Hatteras click here.


ECWF 2015:  Light wind racing and freestyle on Long Island:


The Format:

1 Race day: High Wind Racing.  

1 Race Day: Light Wind Racing

 Freestyle will alternate with racing on both days.  

The scores from the 2 race days will be combined to find the racing champions.  We will also have a freestyle champion.  The "King and Queen of the Cape" will go to those with the best overall scores from all the racing AND Freestyle comp.


Which Class is for me?

    Freestyle is easy.  If you're a dude you enter the men's freestyle class, if you're rocking a bikini with your pony tail bopping in the wind, chances are that you should enter the women's freestyle class.   Everyone is encouraged to enter the freestyle!  Freestyle is scored by the difficulty of the tricks combined with overall impression.  Just go look good!  In the past, competitors have won the Freestyle event by simply making some jibes but it wouldn't hurt to try out some tricks in your heats.  

For Racing, we've got 3 classes:  Men's Open, Men's 6.5 Limited, and Women's.  So which one is for you?  Below are the types of gear you can use in the open and limited classes.


Open:     - Any sail size, any board type.

               - No Foils

Limited:  - Max sail size of 6.5.  

               - No boards with Daggerboards

               - No SUP boards longer than 11 ft.

               - No Foils 

Women:  Women only, 6.5 and under for sail, no boards with daggerboards.


Event Schedule: Week of 10/20-10/27

Sunday 10/21/18 - Mandatory Skipper's meeting at 10:30AM at OceanAir Sports followed by check in / on site registration.

Monday 10/22 - Thursday10/25 -  Race Days!  Racing and freestyle days are subject to the wind, but these are the days we're looking for to race and do freestyle as to not overlap with Andy's ABK Clinic that starts on Friday.  




To Register for the ECWF Cape Hatteras 2018:

Click here