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Severne Psycho 2 Windsurf Board On Sale

Severne Psycho 2

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The 2021 Severne Psycho V2 carries over the same incredible shape from 2020.  New for 2021 are the incredible looking new graphics.  The construction has also been upgraded by adding an extra layer of carbon to the rails of the board and under the footpads to add more stiffness and to better absorb the impact from big jumps.  

    The shape itself is the same shape as the past 2 seasons.  Severne has simply created the best freestyle board on the market and because of it's ease of use and great upwind ability compared to other freestyle boards, it's also a great choice for those looking to get planing early and for a stable  and easy platform for learning to jibe.  Whether you're looking to explode into the craziest aerial trick imaginable or you're just getting started with some sliding tricks, you can't go wrong with the Psycho.  This is the board used personally by Ocean Air staff members Mike Burns and Graham Fedderson.  


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