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2023 Duotone Duke

2023 Duotone Duke

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Bringing back the legendary DUKE was a daunting task that took over 1,5 years of intense development. At DUOTONE, you, the final user is always at the center of our development. Therefore, especially with the new DUKE it wouldn’t have made sense to “just” rely on team rider input and feedback. As a starting point we involved “real” end-consumers who use these kinds of sails regularly and our surf centers to define a bucket list for the new DUKE. And here is the outcome and how we went about it:

1. Maximum wind range especially in changing and/or super gusty conditions This is the most important factor and the major advantage when going for a 5-batten handling sail. As a simple rule, more battens give you more control and a bigger wind range. Usually this has a negative effect on the low end power as more battens make it harder for the wind to inflate the sail and it becomes less efficient for pumping. Therefore we have incorporated the BATTEN FREE CENTER concept from the SUPER_HERO. Instead of the usual even batten distribution the DUKE features a bigger gap between the foot batten and the batten above the boom. This makes the boom area easier to inflate plus increases the stability in the top (due to the increased batten density in this area). The second downside is that every batten increases the weight of the sail. That’s the reason why there was a trend towards fewer battens for wave sails in the past years.

2. Superlight feeling in your hands but without falling apart after 1-2 seasons The reduced weight of 4-batten sails was the major reason for the disappearance of the 5-batten sails in the past decade. Fortunately, we have made some major construction improvements over the last 10 years. The outcome of this development was the LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION which got introduced in 2022. By replacing the usual multilayer reinforcements with a single layer of high-quality fabric and introducing the ONE PIECE SLEEVE we were able to reduce the overall weight by 300g. Most important we are the only brand out there where these weight savings we have been achieved without reducing the thickness of the film and XPly panels. Only this way we can still guarantee our unmatched 5 year warranty. Another issue when reducing the film thickness is that the sail becomes spongy as the energy fizzles out in the increased elongation. This leads to the sail feeling heavier in your hands. So in contrary to others our sails are not just lighter on the scale but especially in your hands on the water when you use them. Cause this is where it really counts!

3. Early planing power even without excessive pumping To achieve maximum planing power the DUKE features a high draft distribution combined with a deep profile which helps lifting the board onto the plane.

4. Super neutral in maneuvers To make tricks and turns as easy as possible the sail should go completely neutral during maneuvers. Therefore, the DUKE comes with a more forward oriented draft position. The forward draft turns the power off and goes completely neutral as soon as you sheet out or shift the sail. This results in a much higher success rate in maneuvers.

5. Good lift with maximum control for jumping The higher draft position also increases your airtime as it generates lift while the more forward oriented draft position helps you to always remain in control.

6. Maximum range of use One of the greatest assets of the DUKE is its versatility. It’s a joy in bump & jump conditions on your freewave board or as a smaller sail for blasting around on your freeride board. The forward/up draft position makes it also very capable for classic and even new school freestyle tricks. And last but not least it’s a great sail for medium wave and/or jumping conditions especially in gusty or challenging wind conditions. So, the new DUKE is a real all-round high performance contender challenging any handling sail out there.

7. Straight forward and fast to rig With all the features, markers and hints we have developed over the past 40 years it’s safe to say that there is no other sail which is faster or more precise to rig than a DUOTONE sail. This means even if you aren’t a pro who is rigging and trimming their sail every day you will still achieve the same correct trim. As only with the correct trim can you unlock 100% of the sail’s performance.

8. Similar feeling than your bigger Freeride/Performance sails Another important factor is that all the sails in your quiver should have a similar feeling/behavior. This even counts for professionals as it usually takes even them a full day to get used and adjust their style to a sail which feels very different. The major reason why sails feel different is the position of the draft in the sail. Fortunately, also here the DUKE has got you covered as it features a similar draft position to the vast majority of all modern freeride sails.

So, you see we have thrown our entire know-how and experience into the mix to create the most sophisticated Jump N’ Ride high performance sail ever.

Finally, the new DUKE comes in 2 optional constructions: The regular DUKE features a 50% monofilm construction with all high load areas (foot, clew, top, luff) being beefed up with XPly. The DUKE HD though is made entirely out of XPly to give you that extra peace of mind. In addition this particular sail features a second lower foil-specific clew eyelet extending the range of use even further.