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2019 Severne Dyno Used - OceanAir Sports
2019 Severne Dyno Used - OceanAir Sports

2019 Severne Dyno Used (In Store Pickup Only)

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 The 2019 Severne Dyno is the ultimate all-in-one freestyle/wave board.  Severne is becoming more and more well known for building the very best performing and well built windsurfing products on the market and the new Severne Dyno does not disappoint.   The Dyno is one of the rare freewave boards that actually do work very well for bump and jump blasting, freestyle and wave riding.  With the deep-V in the bottom shape eating up the chop,  it has incredible bite heading up wind and a high top speed in a straight line thanks to the option of dual rear footstraps.  Slide the mast track all the way back and your'e ready to rip up some waves with almost true waveboard performance.   With the back foot sitting slightly higher than other boards, the Dyno is also able to perform some freestyle tricks as well.  Of course no freewave will ever be able to replace boards like the Severne Psycho for dedicated freestyle, but if you want to head into some waves and don't like getting passed by your buddies, the new Severne Dyno should be your top pick.  



85 225 57.5 6.3 4.5 - 6.0 2 x 125 + 1 x 200
95 226 59.5 6.5 4.7 - 6.5 2 x 125 + 1 x 200
105 228 62 6.8 5.0 - 7.0 2 x 125 + 1 x 220
115 229 64.5 7.2 5.3 - 7.5 2 x 125 + 1 x 240