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2019 Fanatic Jag - Used

2019 Fanatic Jag - Used

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Do you want to be the fastest windsurfer on the water but aren't quite ready to anti-up for the PWA level Falcon and matching PWA slalom rig?  The 2019 Fanatic Jag is for you!  The Jag hasn't been de-tuned from the all-out race ready Flacon.  It's simply been re-tuned to be used with a free-ride sail instead of the PWA style slalom rig.  Four cam, PWA level slalom rigs have much more downforce than your typical twin cam or no-cam freeride blasting rig so things needed to be adjusted on the board to make it as fast as possible.  The 2019 Fanatic Jag will be the board that gets you around the race course the fastest without a dedicated Slalom rig.

How about a foil?  All the sizes of the new 2019 Fanatic Jag are Foil Ready to ensure that when you go to the beach, you're hitting the water in any conditions!   



Jag LTD 108

Jag LTD 125

Jag LTD 135


108 liters

125 liters

135 liters


69 cm

75 cm

82 cm


235 cm

235 cm

235 cm

Rec. Sail Size

Up to 8.5

Up to 9.2

Up to 10.0

Fin Box

Foil Tuttle Box

Foil Tuttle Box

Foil Tuttle Box