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Watersports Lessons

Watersports Lessons at OceanAir Sports

Our location on the shallow and calm waters of the Pamlico Sound makes learning to sail, windsurf, or kite a fun and easy adventure. No experience is necessary and we include all the gear you need in your lesson. Reservations are required for lessons, so call (252) 995-5000 to book yours today!

Lessons must be booked at least one day in advance and are wind and weather dependent.

($75 per hour, per boat)
Perfect for individulals wanting to expand their seamanship skills or groups looking for a fun way to enjoy the water together. Learn to navigate the Pamlico Sound on our user friendly 14 ft. Hobie Wave catamaran. Learn how to rig and hoist the sails, steer the vessel, tack, jibe, and dock the boat. Maximum of 3 students, and NO age limit!!

Learn to Windsurf! We provide all the gear you need. We'll start on land reviewing wind direction and learning the mechanics of windsurfing. We'll practice on our land simulator and then take it to the water. In waist deep water you will learn about uphauling, sail handling, footwork, turning and making it back to the beach. You can continue your instruction and become a confident, efficient, and safe sailor. Anyone can do this and we make it easy.
For those looking for individualized attention we offer a one-on-one experience. This will enable you to begin and progress at your own pace. For experienced sailors we offer Advanced Lessons. In this situation you can work on whatever you would like.  Stance, efficiency, beach start, waterstart, harness and footstraps, tack or jibe or more advanced freestyle.
Beginner Windsurf Lesson (Group)
 1.5-hour group lesson plus an extra 1/2 hour to practice
2-5 students per class
Includes all gear + wetsuits
$95.00 per person
Beginner Windsurf Lesson (Private)
 1.5 hour private beginner lesson + an extra 1/2 hour to practice
Includes all gear and wetsuits
Advanced Windsurf Lesson
 1 hour advanced windsurf lesson ( Learning the harness, footstraps, jibing all the way up to learning loops and pro-level freestyle)
 Windsurf Foil Lesson
Intro to foiling lesson.  We'll start on the beach and go over safety and how setting up the foil in different positions will affect the sailing characteristics of the board.  Then it's time to hit the water!   We'll get you on your first flights riding side by side with the instructor.  Our light wind wings and boards from Slingshot will make the effort as minimal as possible for your first runs.  
Foil lesson includes 1 hour of instruction with dedicated Slingshot Foil Board and Foil included
1 hour practice afterwards
(Bring you own rig)

Introduction to Kiteboarding
($99 for a 1.5 hour lesson)
The essentials you need before you get on the water. This land based class covers the fundamentals of kiteboarding, weather, wind speed and direction, kite theory, equipment, safety and land based simulation. A great way to take advantage of a no wind day and start your kiteboarding lessons. After this class you are ready to hit the water.

Kiteboarding 101 (3 hours; $375 single, $275 per person/double)
This class will get you on the water and on your way to riding the board. If you've taken the intro class we are directly on the water. This class will have you rigging the kite, launching and landing, re-launching, and understanding safety, self-rescue and body dragging with the kite. Proper demonstration of understanding the kite will have you possibly attempting your first waterstarts.

Get on Board (3 hours; $375 single, $275 per person/double)
Once you have a feel for the kite you are ready to apply all you know to getting your first rides. This course covers getting the board on our feet, water starting, board and kite control, riding both directions, transitions and going upwind.

Kite Camps
It's all about putting in the time. If you would like to organize multiple days of lessons we can customize a program for you. We can take you from beginner to riding or form riding to jumping depending on what you want to cover. Our camps are based on hours you would like to be on the water and the goals you would like to achieve. This type of flexibility allows you to choose a camp that is right for you based on your abilities and stamina. If you are scheduling a group kite camp you must be within 30lbs and similar ability of your partner.
6 Pack- 2 days of lessons @ 3 hours day $725 single, $550 per person/double
9 Pack- 3 days of lessons @ 3 hours days $1100 single, $825 per person/double