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2019 Severne Freek
2019 Severne Freek

2019 Severne Freek

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The 2019 Freek in action!  



The Severne Freek is the pinnacle of Freestyle performance.  Not only is the Freek one of the lightest freestyle sails on the market, but it also stands the test of time.  Severne is known for building the very highest performance sails available, without compromising durability.  Using high end x-ply materials like Severne's own em3 and em4 that is actually both lighter and stronger than mono film, Severne was able to create the perfect blend of freestyle goodness.  It doesn't stop there!  The Severne Freek is one of the best sails you'll find for good old bump and jump blasting too!  With lots of lift and stability, you'll be jumping with total control.  Thanks to it's flat profile that only fills in with shape while it's powered up, you'll also find yourself ripping through jibes much easier than you're old style sail with all that built in pre-shaping.   Whether you're going for a double air burner or simply out for blasting back and forth with a lighter rig and a bigger smile, the Severne Freek is going to be your go-to sail choice.


3.3 358 140 5 2.4 FIXED SEVERNE 340 Wave
3.6 373 145 5 2.5 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.0 376 152 5 2.6 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.4 398 156 5 2.7 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.8 422 160 5 2.9 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.2 430 165 5 3.0 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.6 432 176 5 3.1 FIXED SEVERNE 430 Wave
5.9 449 178 5 3.3 FIXED SEVERNE 430 Wave
6.3 462 180 5 3.4 FIXED SEVERNE 430 Wave