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2021 Severne Freek - OceanAir Sports
2021 Severne Freek - OceanAir Sports

2021 Severne Freek 5.6 DEMO

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Severne Freek - The Severne Freek just might be the most versatile sail in windsurfing.  It is incredible for freestyle, bump and jump, and Foiling!   Designed to be a pure freestyle sail, the Severne Freek has great low end power, but thanks to its 5 batten design the Freek retains incredible control and all the characteristics that the average windsurfer will appreciate.   

    The Freek is used by the very best freestylers in the world including our local pro-level freestylers and instructors here at the shop, Mike Burns and Graham Feddersen.  But that's not the only reason the Freek is so great.  The Freek is also our go-to choice for a windfoil sail!  The Freek has great low end power and is very pumpable.  This is exactly what we need in a foil sail.  At the same time, we can hand the Freek off to a flat water blaster on their freeride board and they love the Freek for it's low end power and light weight.  The combo makes even doing a good old fashioned jibe or tack easier than ever.   If you're looking for the ultimate all-in-one flat water sail, the incredible performance of the Freek will fit your needs.

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