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HG Foil Hardware Kit (FKite/FSurf/FSUP) - OceanAir Sports

HG Foil Hardware Kit (FKite/FSurf/FSUP)

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Hover Glide hardware pack for your foil spare and backup needs. Better safe than sorry! pack includes:

  • 2-M8X40mm Pedestal Bolts
  • 2-M6X30mm Rear Wing Screws
  • 2-M8X45mm Fuselage Bolts (A Position)
  • 2-M8X50mm Countersunk Bolts (B Position)
  • 2-M8X23mm Mast Cap Bolts (B Position)
  • 1-M6X25mm Set Screw
Compatible with all Hover Glide FKite, FWake, FSurf, and FSUP foils.