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2020 Slingshot Freestyle - OceanAir Sports

2021 Slingshot Freestyle

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The Slingshot Freestyle is an all new windsurf foil board for 2021.  With an inboard set of front straps and single back strap, the Freestyle will put you in a more upright stance than the "traditional" style foil board.   This gives the rider the ability to apply pressure on the downwind side of the board while still in the straps which makes the board more playful, the same way a windsurfing wave or freestyle board would act compared to a free ride board or slalom board.  You'll have more maneuverability , faster board response and easier jumping with the new Slingshot Freestyle windfoil board.

The Freestyle also comes with both mount styles. Pedestal mount and Deep Tuttle. So choose the mount that you like best!


2021 Freestyle

87 Liter

115 Liter


5’6” - 168cm

6’2” - 188cm