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2019 Fanatic Blast LTD - OceanAir Sports

2019 Fanatic Blast LTD

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The 2019 Fanatic Blast is a great choice for those looking to go fast in lighter winds on flat water.   It planes early and has a fun top speed.  The larger sizes of the Fanatic Blast in the 130 liter and 145 liter also are Foil Ready!  This means you can get Foiling when the winds are under 10 knots and then when the wind picks up, just through on your tuttle box fin and you're off to screaming past your friends!  So if you're looking for an all around fun shape that will double your windsurfing time, look no further than the 2019 Fanatic Blast.



Blast Textreme 100

Blast Textreme 115

Blast Textreme 130

Blast Textreme 145


100 liters

115 liters

130 liters

145 liters


62 cm

66 cm

70 cm

77 cm


231 cm

2332 cm

233 cm

235 cm

Rec. Sail Size

Up to 8.4

Up to 8.4

Up to 9.0

Up to 10.0

Fin Box

Tuttle Box

Tuttle Box

Foil Tuttle Box

Foil Tuttle Box