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2018 Fanatic Gecko HRS - Used

2018 Fanatic Gecko HRS - Used

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The Fanatic Gecko should be your first shortboard!  The 2018 Fanatic Gecko will be the board that gets you to the next level in windsurfing.  With multiple foot strap positions and a wide platform, we've had more windsurfing success stories on the Gecko than any other board here at OceanAir Sports.  If your'e ready to progress from your longboard and start getting into the footstraps and planing, the 2018 Fanatic Gecko should be your choice.  We've also got a huge fleet of Geckos in our demo fleet, so if you happen to be on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, come on by and take a Fanatic Gecko for a ride!



Gecko HRS 100

Gecko HRS 110

Gecko HRS 120

Gecko HRS 133

Gecko HRS 146

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100 liters

110 liters

120 liters

133 liters

146 liters

156 liters


66 cm

72 cm

76 cm

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239 cm

239 cm


246 cm

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252 cm

Rec. Sail Size

Up to 8.0

Up to 8.5

Up to 9.0

Up to 9.5

Up to 10.0

Up to 11.0

Fin Box

Power Box

Power Box

Power Box

Power Box

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