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2019 Fanatic Gecko LTD Foil Edition - OceanAir Sports

2019 Fanatic Gecko LTD Foil Edition

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The light wind machine!  The 2019 Fanatic Gecko Foil Edition will be sure to put a smile on your face.  The ability to add a foil to a windsurf board is game changing.  Gone will be the days of waiting for wind to get out on the water blasting along.  It's possible to get foiling in only 5-6 knots of wind!! With your current 6.0 meter sail wave or freestyle sail,  those light wind, 10-12 mph days will become exhilarating!



Gecko Foil Edition 120

Gecko Foil Edition 133


120 liters

133 liters


76 cm

78 cm



246 cm

Rec. Sail Size

Up to 9.0

Up to 9.5

Fin Box

Foil Tuttle Box

Foil Tuttle Box