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2021 Duotone Neo SLS - Demo - OceanAir Sports

2021 Duotone Neo SLS - Demo

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These are the OAS Team Kites, they are in Very Good/Excellent Condition.

The New 2021 Neo SLS is here!  The SLS is a stronger, lighter construction that gives you an experience that is simply on the next level.  It gives you a faster kite that will fly in less wind.  The new Flex Struts allow the canopy to twist even more, so the Neo SLS has become the most dynamic turning Neos ever since. Penta TX is coupled with the legendary Trinity TX to create a kite that will last longer and be far more durable than a kite manufactured with traditional materials. In the waves, this reduced weight and therefore the improved drifting means a massive spike in performance. The kite will drift down the line in a manner you couldn’t have previously imagined, and light wind wave sessions will suddenly come alive. The low overall weight ensures the low end is further enhanced. Perfect for the most discerning wave riders, the best strapless freestylers and hydrofoilers, the Neo SLS is kiteboarding reinvented.