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2019 Freewave STB

2019 Freewave STB

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The 2019 Fanatic Freewave STB will keep you grinning ear to ear.  It's Fanatic's all-around bump and jump board that is equally at home on flat water as it is in smaller waves.  The 2019 Freewave STB will be the go-to board for such a wide range of conditions.  We've got some Fanatic Freewave STBs here at OceanAir Sports to demo, so come in and take one for a ride!



Freewave STB 85

Freewave STB 95

Freewave STB 105


85 liters

95 liters

105 liters


57.5 cm

60 cm

62.5 cm


225 cm

227 cm

229 cm

Rec. Sail Size

Up to 6.0

Up to 6.2

Up to 6.8

Fin Box

Power box +             2x Slot box

Power Box +              2x Slot Box

Power Box +             2x Slot Box