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2019 Fanatic Skate TE

2019 Fanatic Skate TE

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 They're here!  The much anticipated 2019 Fanatic Skate has been reshaped for 2019 in all the smallest sizes.  All of our riders loved the 93 liter version the most in the 2018  Skate range not only for it's freestyle capabilities, but simply because it was a great board to use use in such varying conditions.  For 2019 the 85 liter, 92 liter and 99 liter Skate TE boards took some cues from that fan favorite i the 93 liter last year and are now shorter and faster.  What does this mean for you?  You'll spin faster, pop higher, carry more speed through your tricks and have more fun on the water than ever before!  We've got the Skate TE boards in our demo fleet, so stop in and try one out!  Our customers do nothing but say good things when they come back in from a session on the Fanatic Skate.



Skate TE 85

Skate TE 92

Skate TE 99

Skate TE 108


85 liters

92 liters

99 liters

108 liters


60 cm

62 cm

65 cm

66.5 cm


225 cm

220 cm

225 cm

226 cm

Rec. Sail Size

Up to 5.3

Up to 5.9

Up to 6.2

Up to 6.7

Fin Box

Power Box

Power Box

Power Box

Power Box